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For the defense of the key to the evacuation and the sight of the „corridor of life” on the line



2 days ago prof. Monka Zytke from the „Stara Oliwa” („Old Oliwa”) Association recommended me to a young Ukrainian student who, with tears in her eyes, begged me to save the lives of her father and brother – volunteers who would defend Lviv among others…

The child presented me with lists of supplies and serious credentials begging for help… and I suddenly became a coordinator of saving the endangered „corridor of life” in Poland.


My name is Robert Witoslwski. I am the grandson of the defender of Hel, mat Walerian Witos艂awski, a graduate of the already famous Military Medical Academy in 艁贸d藕 and a retired officer, a passionate programmer who has been running for many years socially patriotic projects based on educating young people, learning history, fighting to preserve national memory, popularizing military service, general military training and tactical preparation, creating electronic historical reconstruction groups on military simulators, learning programming and developing the potential of people with disabilities, and a project of pushing virtual reality and holography for backward Polish education and medicine as the head and leader of social projects within the created group veterani.pl, egrh.pl and cwr.com.pl.

I am also the guardian of the Coastal Defenders Families and running with them an educational and patriotic program called „Okruchy Pami臋ci” („Remembrance Crumbs”), in which members of the most famous commanders and officers from Admiral Unrug’s staff murdered by the Germans and Soviets close participate.

Support for „Ukraine help” and appeals for help was cnfrimed by:

Family of adm. J贸zef Unrug (main commander of all Coastal Defendce 1939) and his granddaughter Barbara

Family of kpt.Antoni Kasztelan聽 (main counterintelligence commander ) and his grandson Pawe艂 memeber of „Uraine help” crew in USA.

Family of kmdr. Zbigniew Przybyszewski (commander of Hel Costal Battery ) – and his granddaughter Anna

Polish president Adnrzej Duda and Anna Narloch (left) with Barbara Pytko (right) from Gdynia Katyn Family Assosiation both appeal authors for Ukraine Help support

Appeal most faomus memer of family ANNA NARLOCH main commander of HEl聽 Bsttery Laskowsy聽 for Uktraine Help

We work closely with non-profit organizations, such as the Kamil Sarapuk „Wiatr od Morza” („Wind of the Sea”) Association on the „Forteczna Gdynia” („Gdynia Fortress”) project, saving military monuments in 1939. and helping as a researcher of Polish fortification architecture with other prominent specialists in this field, such as Waldemar Nadolny or Mariusz W贸jtowicz-Podchorski for the virtual reconstruction of Canet and K臋pa Oksywska Batteries, Hel coastal batteries and and Westerplatte from 1939, the Old Oliwa Association of prof. Monika Zytke (an extraordinary guardian of young people and artists) at the House of Plague Danuta Rolke-Poczman (the greatest social activist in Gda艅sk) and officially authorized coordinator of aid on behalf of the „Staff of the Carpathian Defense” to defend the basis of the „corridor of life” based on the border of Lviv, Rivne and Ivano-Farnkiwsk (former Stanislawow).

Anna Narloch and Ukraine Hlelp coordiantor and cherf of CWR of Vrotual Reality Resech Center聽 ( Robert Witos艂awski) ,聽 WIatr d Morza (Kamil Sarapuk) and „Hel Friends” and Terra Helensis Karol W贸jcik

聽On the side of the Polish community in the USA, historical reconstruction group 10th Regiment of Dragoons of Gen. Maczek became involved in supporting the action „Ukraine help” with his great commander Marek Rowicki and Piotr Krawerenda who become our main USA help coordinators as me in Poland.

聽All listed non-profit organizations are involved in the current action. Based on their headquarters, 2 intermediate warehouses were also built in Gda艅sk and Gdynia and Hel amany otther in Poland

Close cooperating vtryfied assosiations data list:

STOWARZYSZENIE „STARA OLIWA” KRS 0000033875 NIP 5842333199 REGON 191709204

Adres siedziby
Grunwaldzka 496 / 6, 80-309 Gda艅sk

,Prezes Danuta Wiktoria Rolke Poczman Centrum pomocy bada艅 i terapii postraumatycznej dzieci: DOM ZARAZY, Stary Rynek Oliwski 15 i pe艂ni膮ca obowi膮zki prezes prof. Monika Zytke


Adres siedziby
Helska 16, 84-150 Hel, Polska

Prezes: Miros艂aw Kuklik

STOWARZYSZENIE „TERRA HELENSIS” KRS 0000560437 NIP 5871704126 REGON 361640487

Adres siedziby
Adm. Steyera 10C / 9, 84-150 Hel, Polska

prezes : Karol Filip W贸jcik



The transport of aid to the border is provided by the Ukrainian and Polish side with close control by the coordinators on the part of the „Staff of the Carpathian Defense”f a power of attorney to represent her.


„Sztab Obrony Przykarpacia”

Lista oficjalnych koordynator贸w:

IN Ukraine 鈥”Sztab Obrony Przykarpacia鈥 +38 0931504341 [email protected]
„Patrioci Ukrainy禄 +38 0987912416 [email protected]
Andrzej Butchak
IN Poland 鈥 Robert Witos艂awski +48 720787069 [email protected]
Mariana Butchak +48 733 161 909 [email protected]
IN USA 鈥 Marek Rowicki [email protected] +1 708 218 0162
Piotr Krawerenda [email protected] +1 847 962 5217

A few words from MARIANA for all Poles聽 (in Polish language):


A situational map for the 35 day of the Russia invasion reports of intelligence, maps captured on the enemy and the battles themselves.


Remarkable defense (you can see training of NATO instructors and help), but in the face of the immediate loss of the „corridor of life” and the encirclement of key forces (encirclement), it may collapse.

Everything is very dynamic and far from momentary optimism in the matter of maintaining key positions in the face of the increasing determination of the enemy who threw the reserve and intensifies the terror with the bestial bombing of cities and key civilian facilities (vide Syria, Chechnya), due to the failure to achieve its basic goals in time, to break the will to fight. Hay is a panic that is supposed to paralyze the already overloaded communication routes with refugees.

Dantesque scenes causing tears we face every day and what the incoming train in overcrowded Lviv in the fight for places to the Polish border. The despair of children being separated from their mothers and loaded onto trains alone to let more get in. Piles of abandoned baby carriages, suitcases and things to save space and save as much as possible .聽 We faced unvalivable human tragedy scale after WW2 in center of Europe !!!


800.000 now reached聽 (mainly babes) saefe Polish border ,and We expect soon 4mln more.


1.Treatement for children聽 of post traumatic stress disorder聽 PTSD wiht聽 EMDR progam by VR ferry tails therapy with special stuff help






2. Save the „corridor of life” protected at the base mainly by reservists from the rear units and tragically equipped volunteers.

However, the will to fight is great. Here Marianna brather聽 ( Marian brother) who in fact will fight for us traning volunteer medics. The 1st battalion of LW脫W defence ans surroudings He will be fight and defend corridor of life till last breath thousands of children and womens trying to escape from incoming indivers.

These all boys aren’t gonna give up. They defend their own land and all the values of today’s civilization to which they wanted and want to belong. If we do not keep together 3rd Reisch 2.0 here and now, we will be next. it enough to look at map and all anexatrions dates one by one till 2006y.聽 Monster appetit grow and grow only.

There is enough to look聽 to understand polish life corridor urgent support

They will survive the attack of the elite units deployed to eliminate the corridor if we retrofit them mainly with medicines and defence life equpipement and give the parties equal chances to survive. Dirctly from Andrew train center聽 thay will go to defend聽 Lviv and Rivne, exactly as we did it in 1918, 1921 and 1939, also against the Russians.

3. Send the equipment through all possible channels to the given areas where volunteers are currently training intensively.

Cilivised World one of the hardest slidarity test after WW2

These are Mariana聽 (yangest Ukraine side) official „Ukraine help” coordinator few heart breaking words to own people in USA and all around the world:

At this hard time, I want to ask Ukrainian diaspora to become a part of Ukrainian army and every citizen who courageously defends independence of our country. Same as you are, I am not in Ukraine, but each of us has friends, family or neighbors out there who need our help right now. Not everyone can now hold a weapon in their hands next to our soldiers, but the war is being held on all fronts! We are able to support our citizens not only via posts on Facebook or Instagram, but also with real financial help, which will go to purchase the most necessary things for army and territorial defense. Every helmet, first aid kit or bulletproof vest is someone’s life! We are writing a new history of the world right now and we have no right to stand aside of it. These funds will be able to save not only the lives of those soldiers who are currently defending our land, but also those who are preparing resistance to russian troops and saboteurs. My younger brother is currently on intensive training with other fighters. Unfortunately, they are not fully equipped with everything what they need, as all forces have thrown to the front. There is a catastrophic lack of equipment. That鈥檚 why, I begging you to help us to protect these young fighters and help us to buy basic things that can save their lives.

Mariana Butchak


It must be remembered that corruption has not disappeared in Ukraine. The chaos of war also added to this. Despite the official declared governmental aid, many things simply do not get where they need to be and in the amount they need.

It needs to be patched urgently, which is confirmed by the dramatic appeals we receive from volunteers, the families of the defense staff themselves, and the letters delivered to us.

We have lists of specific urgent purchases provided directly by the defenders and their CARPATHIAN DEFENSE HQ.

We are currently equipping the 1st platoon out of 4 trainees.

Priority list examples we are saneding and supporting now (more in separate page)聽

– IFAK Trauma Medical Kit V1 first aid kits 65 pcs X4
– tourniquets (self-adjusting) may be SICH type (all with Alumnium rod).聽 The handle for twisting the band must be made of duralumin because plastic ones often break !!! 130 pieces

Only Svaning soldiers life parts – helmets , vests (after contact) – no weapons at all聽 !!!

Currently, in Poland and its vicinity, most warehouses are literally cleared of key items for „on-the-spot” purchases, mainly by government orders, aid groups and, unfortunately, speculators who have also increased prices sometimes 10 times.



Shipments to Gda艅sk and Gdynia to prepared warehouses and coordinators on duty at Pland,聽 Stary Rynek Oliwski 15 street, 80-324 Gda艅sk (1st hub) and Poland, Gdynia Wiejska 27a / 7 street (2nd hub).聽聽

phone : +48 720787069聽 mail [email protected]

Each amount paid here will be properly spent and will quickly make it go to the right places. Bottom-up help is needed. Only she is precisely coordinated with the right needs.

This is a wolf test for us, Poles and the world … The result and effectiveness of the aid depends on how our fate will turn out. It is enough to look at the map and the dates of subsequent annexations. Hitler 2.0 and pure evil as the late prof. Brzezinski advising successive presidents of the United States will not stop, and his appetite only grows.

There is no point in deluding ourselves … If we do not keep it together now, God help us … We, Poles, know the history that is repeating itself in a way …

Main account :

Stowarzyszenie WIATR OD MORZA聽 聽聽 https://www.facebook.com/Wiatr-od-Morza-105595471666611/

Wiejska 27A / 7, 81-068 Gdynia, Polska聽 KRS 0000894841聽聽 NIP 9581715626聽聽 REGON 388695286


mBank :聽聽 PL 55 1140 2004 0000 3802 8158 6974